*Youth Empowered Society is not a treatment center. 
Please contact your primary physician or one of the specified programs listed below if you are in need of help.

Treatment Sites

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program (ADAP)
1001 W. Pratt St., 212231
(443) 462 ‐ 3400 
  • Substance abuse counseling ‐ individual/group therapy 
  • Can help patients get on methadone or buprenorphine
  • Takes: Medicare, uninsured Baltimore City residents, Primary Adult Care (PAC)
Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services (OATS)
701 W. Pratt St, 21201 
(410) 328 ‐ 6600
  • Substance abuse counseling – individual/group therapy; Acupuncture 
  • Can help patients get on methadone or buprenorphine
  •  Takes: Medical Assistance, Medicare (w/ Medical Assistance), some Commercial Insurances, NOT PAC
University of Maryland Drug Treatment Program (Methadone maintenance)
630 W. Fayette St, 21201
(410) 837 ‐ 3313
  • Methadone treatment w/ outpatient counseling ‐ individual/group therapy 
  • Takes: Medical Assistance, Medicare, Commercial Insurances, PAC
Comprehensive Recovery Program (CRP)
701 W. Pratt St, 21201
(410) 328 ‐ 5219 
  • 6 month extended methadone detox program
  •  Individual/group therapy, Case management
  • Takes: Medical Assistance, Medicare, uninsured patients, NOT PAC
Harambee Adolescent Treatment Center
630 W. Fayette St, 21201
(410) 706 ‐ 4597
  • Adolescent substance abuse counseling‐ individual/group therapy 

Other Baltimore City Referrals

Baltimore Substance Abuse System (bSAS)
(410) 637 ‐ 1900
  • Offers general referrals for all Baltimore City residents and can assist in finding programs that will work with all types of insurance
  •  Services include prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery programs delivered in outpatient, residential, and medically assisted treatment
Tuerk House
730 Ashburton St, 21216
(410) 233 ‐ 0684
  • Inpatient Rehab ‐ 3‐4 weeks 
  • Outpatient individual/ group therapy/ Residential treatment
  • Opioid detox
  • Alcohol/Sedative detox (Baltimore County patients)

Maryland Resources

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Administration Md.
(410) 402 ‐ 8600
  • Online Resource Directory provides information on inpatient and outpatient treatment programs throughout Maryland and the insurance providers those programs will accept.

Acute Detoxification

Center for Addiction Medicine (CAM)
(410) 225‐8240
  • Inpatient/ Outpatient detox (outpatient detox: $260 self‐pay)
  • Takes Commercial Insurance, Medical Assistance, Medicare (PAC for counseling, methadone treatment) 
  • Also offers buprenorphine/methadone treatment and counseling
Johns Hopkins Bayview‐ Chemical Dependency Unit
(410) 550‐1908
  • Inpatient detox
  • Takes Insured and Uninsured
Baltimore Crisis Response Inc. (BCRI)
(410) 433‐5175
  • Takes Uninsured
  • Inpatient detox and Crisis psychiatric care
Baltimore Cares
(410) 233‐3111
  • Outpatient detox

Other Useful Treatment Resources

Addiction Center www.addictioncenter.com (877) 671 - 9479
Maryland Smoking Cessation www.smokingstopshere.com (800) QUIT ‐ NOW
Alcoholics Anonymous www.aa.org (410) 663 ‐ 1922
Al‐Anon/Al‐Ateen www.al‐anon.alateen.org (410) 832 ‐ 7094
Smart Recovery www.smartrecovery.org (410) 336 ‐ 4636
National  Hopeline Network http://hopeline.com (1-800)-SUICIDE
Youth America Hotline - Counseling for Teens by Teens http://www.youthline.us (1-877)-YOUTHLINE
The Trevor Project: For lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth http://www.thetrevorproject.org (1-866)-488-7386

Have a patient who is ready to seek treatment? Treatment resources vary greatly based on
patient’s insurance provider. Follow the guide below to determine the best option.

  • Uninsured Baltimore City residents are eligible for substance abuse treatment through University of Maryland’s ADAP and OATS (depending on income).
  • Uninsured patients can also contact Baltimore Substance Abuse System (bSAS). BSAS staff will look for grant funding and other means to cover individuals who want to enter treatment.
Medical Assistance (MA)
  • Patients with Medical Assistance are eligible for most substance abuse inpatient and outpatient treatment programs in Maryland.
  • Contact Baltimore Substance Abuse System (bSAS) to assist with referral.
  • Visit the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Administration (ADAA) Resource Directory to find specific types of treatment programs in different geographic areas in Maryland.
  • The co‐pay for substance abuse treatment with Medicare can be very high (often 50% of cost).
  •  If patients are unable to pay the large co‐pay, contact Baltimore Substance Abuse System, which can assist patients with referral options for the under‐insured.
  • University of Maryland’s ADAP and OATS will also accept patients with Medicare (may depend on income).
Private Insurance
  • Call the insurance company’s customer service number on the back of the card to find out which providers are in network (there is often a separate number for substance abuse/mental health).
  • If there is a large co‐pay, patients can call Baltimore Substance Abuse System to see if there are other low cost options.