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Who We Are

    YES Drop-In Center is Baltimore City’s first and only drop-in center for homeless youth. YES Drop-In Center is a safe space for youth who are homeless and between the ages of 14-25, to get basic needs met and establish supportive relationships with peer staff  and allies that them make and sustain connections to long-term resources and opportunities.

Our History

    YES grew out of the work of the Baltimore Homeless Youth Initiative (BHYI) Youth Leaders, a group of youth with personal experiences of homelessness that formed as an arm of the BHYI Coalition to help set its direction during 2009-10.  Among other priorities, they identified the need for and worked to create a comprehensive, one-stop-shop drop-in center for youth, located in a central location, and staffed by formerly homeless young adults with whom the youth could relate. The vision of the BHYI leaders was realized when YES opened its doors in October 2012. 

Our Strategies

    Founded and run by formerly homeless youth and their allies, YES works to end youth homelessness in Baltimore by (1) providing urgently-needed direct services to youth experiencing homelessness, (2) developing the leadership and employment readiness of youth who have experienced homelessness, and (3) engaging in system-level reform. 

Our Vision

    All Baltimore’s youth will easily access supportive services and stable housing to become powerful in their own lives.

Our Values

  • Safety - YES counters the traumatic stress of homelessness and poverty by creating a physically, morally, socially, and emotionally safe space that minimizes triggers for each person in the YES community. 
  • Trustworthiness - YES strives to be true to our word, transparent, and dependable for each person in the YES community.
  • Youth and Ally Partnerships - YES practices collaboration and inclusiveness between peer and allied staff, board members, and others in the YES community through our support for leadership and skill development and use of consensus decision-making. 
  • Dignity - YES practices a non-judgmental and kind approach, and relies on restorative practices to resolve conflict, to recognize the inherent worth and potential in each person in the YES community. 
  • Wellness - YES supports the wellness of our youth and believes that our important work is made possible over the long haul by attending to our self and organizational care. 
  • Anti-oppression - YES practices anti-oppression internally and externally through dialogue about privilege, equity, diversity, and power and a commitment to engaging in systemic change. 

Click here to view our 2017 Annual Report